Electrician Romsey

Electric boards are daily used things in your home as well as in your offices and work place. The damaged electric board can cause lots of problems like burning of electric appliances which may include mobile phones, laptops, blending machines and other small utility electrocuted appliances. In other words defaulted, damaged and reverted electric circuits and boards can bring catastrophe.

Any default in electric circuits can cause great harm not only to appliances but to whole electric wiring of house or building. Each Electrician Romsey circuit is interlinked with other so if park created in one electric circuit board it will bring default in other electric circuits as well. To avoid this mess Yu should keep your electric circuit checked after some months so that you will not face any serious circumstances.


Why to choose us

We have 30 years of experience in the field of electric installations and we have highly experienced ad highly qualified electricians that will work for you in reasonable price and erase your problem without costing you much money. We have best electrician in Romsey only to assist you in resolving problem you can’t handled by your own self. We are providing you 24 hours services without any break and also giving you emergency services for your comfort.


Electrical Installation services we provided

We are providing you the services of extremely professional Electrician so that you will not afraid of using electrical appliances and you feel secure while using electric boards and comfortably sleep without any worry of electric circuit break. There are number of services which we are providing through the help of experienced electricians are as follows:

  • Carrying out of EICR

First you need to know what is ECIR and how is it important. So here we are describing you the ECIR that stands for Electrical Installations Condition Report, which is a document that is created after detailed analysis of electric installations done by electrician. It is quite important to done before shifting in to any rental house, before purchasing any new property and before settling in to newly built house. This document gives us idea about the condition of electrical wiring of any place. ECIR should be carried out after every 10 years in domestic buildings, 5 years after in rented properties and commercial buildings and 3tears after in industrial buildings to check that the electric installations work properly or not. ECIR can be carried out only by the help of professional and qualified electricians which are provided by us. ECIR should be done carefully in order to keep you secure from hazardous incidents.

  • Finding of Electric defaults

Electrical problems are caused due to some unknown faults which may occur due to internal problems in electrical wirings. These internal problems do not appear openly but cause great damage to all the appliances you used, so the detection of these internal defaults can only be done by certified Electrician Romsey which have a lot of experience in finding these hidden defaults. Such electricians can only be provided by us, on whom you can trust comfortably.

  • Replacement of Fuse Boards

The safety of your electrical appliances depends on the quality of fuse boards you used in your house because fuse boards are installed for the purpose of controlling the current and provides required amount of current to each circuit in whole house. Besides good quality fuse board another thing is important which is how professionally the fuse board is installed. If it is improperly installed it might cause huge fuss. So in these circumstances registered, certified and highly experienced Electrician in Romsey provided by us performed their services. Due to the services of these electricians you will surely secure from any harmful incident that might happen due to the defaulted fuse boards.

  • Lighting installation and is designs

After electric wiring the most important thing that you might notice after entering in the house is the lighting installations in the house when you first bought the house. This is most important element to consider while buying new house or building.  Here you need our services for suggestions regarding the design of lighting and at which position it should be installed in rooms or in living area, kitchen etc. We also guided you while choosing the type of bulbs that will consume less electricity which will save you from high electricity bill cost.

Whatever your concerns are, we have solutions for you.