Electrician Winchester

Electrical problems need to be solved before it creates the circumstances that are worse. A small default in the electrical wiring or main electric supply of the house can be the reason of generating fire in the whole house and burned your house in to ash. Even an electric shock can lead to death, in short defaulted electrical wiring and improper installation of electrical boards is no joke and can take you to the point which is disastrous.

All of these dangerous scenarios can vanish if your selection of Electrician Winchester is right. The skilled and qualified electricians can save you from all these worse scenarios. To provide you ease we are selecting the certified electricians on your behalf so that you can only pick one of them and get your work done. Euro-Lec can be your right choice if you want to complete your work with satisfactory results.


Why Euro-Lec?

Other than any company we have best electrician in Winchester as we have experience of over 30 years in the field of electrical installations. To maintain our reputation we already selected highly qualified electricians that will give you their best, it satisfies us as well as you.  Our electricians are also capable of doing work with plumbers to install immersion heaters and electrical showers safely without any damage. We are providing you our services 24/7 and also giving you emergency services if worse situation happens.


Services we gave

Our electricians are competent enough to provide you different services in the field of electrical installations. We are providing you wide range of electrical services according to the capability of our electricians and for your convenience as well, the services we provided are:

  • Electrical Analysis through ECIR

First you need to know what ECIR is and how important is it to perform ECIR.  Basically ECIR is a document that contains all the information regarding electrical installation within a property, done by qualified Electrician in Winchester. EICR states that Electrical installations Condition report which means it gives you the idea about the conditions of electrical installations in the property, so you can replace or improve the electrical appliance based on the condition. This detailed analysis helps you to find out any defaulted electrical thing that may be installed in the house and saves you from worse situation afterwards.  We suggested you to get the ECIR done after every 10 years if you own house and if you own any rented and commercial property you should get ECIR done after 5 years and for industrial building you should get your ECIR done in 3 years. Electrical installations condition report is highly recommended when your building experienced fire or damage or vandalism. This can only be done by qualified and certified electricians which is provided by us for your ease.

Electrical Fault detection

If any of the hidden electric faults occurs in your houses or your work place, it will create unwanted problem for you. In order to keep away yourself from this mess, you should hire skilled electricians that will remove this issue and saved you from unwanted damage, you can find this skilled electrician from nowhere but us.

Repair and Replacement of Fuse boards

The whole electrical wiring of house depends on the fuse boards because this small device is responsible of transferring current to the appliances according to the capacity of appliance. If fuse board is defaulted or not of good quality it will be the reason of short circuit or damage of electrical wiring as one electrical appliance  got unnecessary current and it will fused which will damage other connected circuits as well. For repair and maintenance of fuse boards we are here to provide you certified and qualified electricians on which you can trust.

Installation of lights

Installation of lights is important element when it comes to the wiring of the house. Our skilled Electrician Winchester not only suggested you the position of lights but also installed the lighting boards for your comfort.

Other Services

We are concerned about your safety and wanted you to get your electrical work done securely that’s why we are working on the issues that you faced daily. Other electrical services provided by us are Installation of Electrical Power Points, Electrical wiring in Garages, Workshops and sheds,  Lighting system in ware houses or conservatories, Installation of central heating system, Repair of electric cookers and electric showers etc.

How to reach us

You can avail our services by Contact form and also you can call us directly through the number provided on our website.