Immersion Heater Replacement in Southampton

Replacing an immersion heater could be a plumber’s job or may be an electrician’s job.

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About Immersion Heaters

Electrical or Plumbing? The building trade has never been sure! One thing is for sure though, Euro-Lec (Southern) Ltd are able to carry out the job. If you’re immersion elements on your immersion heater go, the chances are that the whole house will be in darkness as the RCD will trip taking out all the circuits.

Immersion heaters expand and contract with the heat and now and again the protective covering gives way allowing a little water in. Since water and electricity don’t mix, a short circuit occurs, then the lights go out. It’s then time to call Euro-Lec. Our electrician/plumber will quickly trace the fault to identify the length of the element required and replace it.

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Signs That your Immersion Heater Needs Replacing

Sometimes your water just takes forever to heat up and therefore it could be time to replace your immersion heater as it could be scaled up.

If the hot water in your home suddenly gets scalding hot then it is likely to be a faulty thermostat in your immersion heater. Some units have over-heat reset buttons but generally they are non-serviceable and need replacing.


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