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We repair water leaks, toilet cisterns, water heaters, shower valves and blocked pipes.

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Although predicting any unforeseen event is not our specialty, but helping you in any emergency is something at which we are best, so it doesn’t matter what happened to your pipes our emergency plumbing services would help you in every way possible. Sudden pipe burst is one of the main emergencies which happen quite often, and even after you repair the pipe, the post repair problems are enough to exhaust you. Thus, reaching professional for any kind of emergency is the only possible solution that will save you from future inconvenience. Euro-Lec is the company which will help you with such fine services that you can’t find anywhere else. We are one of few companies, which provide you 24/7 services throughout the year, so whatever the occasion is, whatever the weather is we are always there to help you out.

Most of the time accidents happen due to lack of maintenance of your pipes, but sometimes even with maintenance accidents occur, so finding the causes of accidents is as difficult as dealing with them. However, our equipped and skilled plumbers provide any kind of emergency plumbing repair that you need. They know how important it is to repair your plumbing system before it can cause major damage to your property, because a single leak from any of the pipe from your plumbing system can cause seepage problems in your walls or floor which ultimately come up in form of big problem.

Thus, instead of reaching amateurs for help, you should always seek the true professionals to sort out your problem. Now, we know during emergency the situation is so overwhelming that you can’t seem to find someone new, but we have a solution for this too, you can easily type Emergency Plumbing Service Near Me in search engine and our website will pop up instantly over you through which you can easily reach us in no time.

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    Your comfort! Our responsibility

    Unlike other companies which only do their job that is assigned to them, we make sure that our work brings nothing but comfort to you. We are well aware how distressed you could be in any of the Emergency Plumbing Services situation that is why we want to help you in manner that restores your comfort and left you feeling as nothing really happened. Our plumbers try to reach at your place as soon as possible after your call, and make their visit as smooth as silk, so you have comfortable experience with us.

    Guaranteed professional services

    Every other company claim to provide you professional services, but at the end they left you with loads of other problems to deal with apart from actual problem, so it is necessary to hire someone who not only just claim professional services but also do their best to provide you best possible professional services. Skilled and experienced workers are the secret behind true professional services, and not every other company in town have skilled personal to deal with your problem, so to made things easy for you especially during emergencies, Euro-Lec only hires skilled and qualified plumbers and other workers who will help you in any kind of emergency or in any kind of situation.

    Best services for every water system

    Euro-Lec is working for more than 30 years, and made its name in Hampshire and in surrounding area with its best services. Our plumbing solutions and Emergency plumbing repair work for both cold and hot water system mark our name. We have built our name with our best plumbing services in every sector. No matter how big your problem is, or what kind of emergency you face our plumbing solution always vanish your problems without any trace.

    Reasons behind emergency situations

    Well there could be many reasons due to which emergencies arise. One of the most common is improper maintenance. When you don’t give attention towards your small plumbing problems such as joint leak or tap dripping etc., they turn into huge problems later which cause Emergency plumbing services situations. Secondly, allowing passing the greasy material down the drain from your kitchen sink, or flushing something other than toilet paper and body waste can also cause clogging which eventually cause emergency situations.

    Do you need a Plumber?

    One of the most common plumbing emergencies is the pipe burst that not only affects your plumbing system but can also cause damage to your house. Thus, to avoid such sudden and unpredictable problems it is better to adopt little preventive measures which make sure that any unfortunate emergency won’t arise. However, it is a matter of time that sooner or later something always happen no matter how hard you try to avoid it, so in that case don't worry we are more than willing to help you, you just have to give us a call.

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