Plumbing Hedge End

Bathroom installations make the bathrooms attractive and allow you to use it comfortably but sometimes it will be the only reason of all mess created in your bathroom. Because if bathroom installations like Toilet installation, Sink and faucet installations, fixtures installations are not properly fixed it will give you hard time in maintaining your bathroom environment.

Leaked and blocked pipes are also the main reason that will destroy the look of your bathroom, these leaked and blocked pipes can also cause serious health problems which arises due to the leakage of sanitary and wastewater. As the bathroom problems have also a great impact on your health so it will be mandatory for you to resolve it right away with the help of experienced Plumbing Hedge End that will be provided to you by us. We are here to work according to your concerns.


Our services

Our services are designed by keeping your worries in mind. The field of Plumbing Hedge End includes three basic services that are Immersion heater replacement, Shower Repairs and Taps replacement of kitchen and bathrooms.

  • Immersion heater replacement

Immersion heater is a heater that acts like a kettle in the hot water cylinder; sometimes it will not work properly and will cause you a great damage. Immersion heaters are need to placed very carefully because it is fixed in a tight spot where a short collision of water and electricity will occur and whole of your electric wiring breaks out. For the placement of immersion heaters you need qualified, registered and certified plumbers and electricians which are provided to you by us. Replacement and placement of immersion heater both are sensitive task to perform but collaboration of skilled, qualified electricians and plumbers will make it happen.

  • Shower Repair and Replacement

Leaked showers can only be repaired by Professional plumber because it is one of the important and expensive fixtures that are installed in bathroom so we understand your concern regarding the fixing of your shower.  As the world follows trend, everything is replaced by modern smart style things just like other things showers are also replaced by electric showers that uses electricity to change the temperature of water, but the problem is that not everyone knows the installation pattern of this shower due to which most of the people denied to buy this. But we suggested you to use this shower because our expert plumbers and electricians are able to fit this shower in your bathroom as it is latest and modern technology introduced for your comfort.

  • Repair and tap replacement of kitchen and bathrooms

When you are talking about the repair and replacement of Kitchen and bathroom taps, you should avail our services if you want to done proper fitting of taps. Our plumbers suggested you best quality taps that are able to bear water pressure between 0.1 and 3 bars which is the minimum required pressure for taps.  This water pressure decided how well the tap works. Not only they suggested you taps but also decide best locations to place them so that you will not be disturbed afterwards by the improper functioning of taps.

  • Other services

Other services included in the field of plumbing are outside taps repair, Replacement and repair of tanks and overflows, Plumbing Hedge End in dishwashers, Repair of heating systems, Unblocking of pipes, new radiators and tower rails, plumbing in washing machines and Replacement of motorized valves. These are the services that our workers able to perform while serving you, you will get satisfied results for sure.

Why Euro-Lec?

Euro-Lec is trusted in the field of plumbing in hedge end because of the certified workers they are providing and efficient services. We are providing you 24/7 services along with emergency services for your comfort and convenience. Plumbing services provided by us are best in town because all the services we are providing are selected according to your need. We are providing you all kind of services that will give your bathroom, the look that you desired.


How to reach us

We are giving our services in hedge end and tried to extend it also for solving the problems of others too. We are giving you different options to contact us because we don’t want to lose our customers, you can reach us through filling contact form provided on our website for you ease, and you can also send us email through mail Id that is provided on website also you can call us directly to avail our services.