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We specialise in repairing leaking and faulty showers.

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Shower Replacements

Here at Euro-lec we specialise in repairing leaking and faulty Shower Repairs which are a real nuisance and generally only noticed when the water damage is done. At this point you should contact Euro-lec who will investigate and find the cause of the problem.

If the shower valve fails, the sure sign is cold or very hot water. In this case the valve may require maintenance with a service pack or full replacement.

Commercial Plumbing

Electric Showers

Electric showers become inefficient with age. The first sign of necessary replacement is when there is lack of water flow, indicating the heat exchanger is furred up. Also, when it is not possible to maintain a steady water temperature.

Electric Shower Repairs units are available from 7.5kw to 10.5kw. It is important to replace faulty units with the correct rated products governed by the size and rating of the power supply cable. Euro-lec are able to confirm this prior to supplying the correct product. If you need further advise on this is call Euro-lec for assistance.


We repair water leaks, toilet cisterns, water heaters, shower valves and blocked pipes.


Electric showers, gravity fed showers, power showers and shower enclosure installation.


Additional radiators, bathroom towel warmers, thermostatic valves, balancing and maintenance.

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